Street's Guide to the Cape Verde Islands
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Street's Guide to the Cape Verde Islands
By D. Street

Street's Guide to the Cape Verde Islands covers the islands in detail. Sailing directions are supplemented by Street's commentary and anecdotes about harbours and anchorages gleaned over numerous visits the latest of which was at the end of 2009.

Charts and sketches of all important harbours and island topography, with extensive navigational instructions and GPS waypoints and photos of principal harbours.

Chapter 1 - The Case for Cruising the Cape Verde Islands p17 - 20

Chapter 2 - Cape Verde in a Capsule p22 - 33

Chapter 3 - Infrastructure of the Cape Verde Islands p 34 - 42

Chapter 4 - The Mariner's Essentials p43 - 61

Chapter 5 - Sal and Boavista p62 - 71

Chapter 6 - Sao Nicolau and Santa Luiza p72 - 85

Chapter 7 - Sao Vicente and Santo Antao p86 - 98

Chapter 8 - Santiago and Malo p99 - 126

Chapter 9 - Fogo and Brava p127 - 137

Chapter 10 - Setting up for a Trade Wind Passage p138 - 149

Chapter 11 - After the Crossing (the Caribbean) p150 - 165

Pb. A4 172pp chartlets and colour photos throughout


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