Greece Sea Guide Volume 2 Evvoia, Sporades, Northern mainl
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Greece Sea Guide Volume 2 
Evvoia, Sporades, Northern mainland, Thasos, Samothraki. 
Eagle Ray. 
By Nicholas Elias
3rd Ed. 2014

Each volume contains all the charts together with navigational information, port and bay plans for the area covered.  The anchorages have details of the shelter provided by various weather conditions, the change in sea level depending on the wind direction.  Photographs indicate landmarks helpful in navigation and piloting.  Detailed plans depict the harbours and bays, depths, the quality of the bottom, recommended mooring places, harbour facilities

Pb. 410x290mm 136pp  Pb. 30 charts A2 or A3, 200 port plans

Charts used
47 Aegean Sea - North Part 1:500.000;  412 South Evvoikos Gulf 1:100.000 ; 313 North Evvoikos Gulf 1:100.000 ; 312 Pagasistikos Gulf - N. Sporades 1:150.000 ;  331 N. Sporades - N. Ag. Efstratios - N. Skyros 1:150.000 ; 31 North Evvoikos to Gulf of Kavala 1:250.000 ; 321 Strimonikos Gulf to N. Limnos 1:150.000 ; 322 A. Fanari to Dardanellia 1:150.000 ;  3212 A. Vrasidas to N. Thasos 1:75.000 ; 3131Straight of Atalanti, Maliakos 1:50.000.
Also port plans from 1:50,000 to 1:2,000


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