NV Chart Folio Netherlands NL2 Waddenzee
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NV Chart Folio Netherlands NL2 Waddenzee

1 Passage chart, 28 coastal charts with details

NL2C01 Borkum - Den Helder 1:375,000

NL2C02 Texel - Schulpengat 1:50,000

NL2C03 Den Helder - Den Oever 1:50,000

NL2C04 Texelstrom - Eierlandsche Gat 1:50,000

NL2C05 Harlingen - Texelstrom - Makkum 1:50,000

NL2C06 Vlieland - Vliestrom 1:50,000

NL2C07 West Terschelling - Harlingen 1:50,000

NL2C08 Ameland - Borndiep 1:15,000


Schiermonnikoog - Lauwersoog

Schiermonnikoog - Westerems

Borkum - Eemshaven

Borkum Hafen

Den Helder

Kornwerd - Makkum

Den Oever

Pollendam - Harlingen



Oost Vlieland B


West Terschelling

Oost Vlieland





NLC00 Zuider Nordzee 1:1,750,000

In addition to the paper charts which are in atlas format, a digital version of the charts is also included for Windows PC or an App and is supplied as a download

Current edition 2016


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