NV 4 - Around Rugen - Boddengewaser - Stettin
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NV 4 - Around Rugen - Boddengewaser - Stettin.
Chart folio by Nautische Veroffentlichung
11 Charts, GPS waypoints, harbour plans.  CD with digital guides ashore, aerial photos of the German coast, charts and planning software.  Also Harbour and Anchorage Pilot booklet

Harbour and Anchorage Booklet - Pb. Details of 98 harbours and anchorages, each with a chartlet and practical notes.  The notes are in German only.

Planning Chart 1:370,000


S36 - Die Bodden südlich Zingst 1:60,000

S37 - Strelasund Nord 1:60,000
S38 - Hiddensee bis Jasmund 1:60,000
S39 - Strelasund Süd 1:40,000
S40 - Greifswalder Bodden West 1:60,000
S41 - Greifswalder Bodden Ost 1:60,000
S42 - Peenestrom Süd 1:60,000
S43 - Stettiner Haff 1:80,000
S44 - Die Oder bis Stettin 1:30,000
S45 - Hiddensee bis Swinemünde 1:240,000

S45A Arkona bis Landtief 1:100,000


S39A Stralsund 1:40,000

S41A Ruden bis Wolsgast 1:40,000

S43A Dievenow (Dziwna) 1:30,000




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