Imray Nautical Chart Folio 2900 The Upper Clyde
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2900.1 - Upper Firth of Clyde and Loch Fyne 1:130,000
2900.2 - Loch Fyne - Ardrishaig to Inverary 1:50,000 Plan Ardrishaig Marina, Inset Continuation of Upper Loch Fyne
2900.3 - Lower Loch Fyne and Inchmarnock Water - 1:50,000.  Plans East Loch Tarbet, Loch Ranza, Burnt Islandds.  Inset Continuation of Loch Riddon
2900.4 - Firth of Clyde 1:50,000 Plans Kip Marina, Rothesay, Millport
2900.5 - Loch Long and Gareloch 1:50,000 Plans Holy Loch Marina, Dumbarton, Bowling, Rhu Marina, Insets - Upper Loch Long                                                                2900.6 - Kyles of Bute and Burnt Islands                                                             2900.7 - Lower Clyde and Approaches


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Firth of Clyde - Clyde Cruising Club Sailing Directions. By: Clyde Cruising Club. 2nd edition 2016. Firth of Clyde extends beyond its titled area to the coast of Northern Ireland (Rathlin Island to Belfast Lough) and on the Scottish side southwards from 

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